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Tijuana & User Design Centric

Tijuana Adventuring China? No. Lesson already learned. Vietnam? Same basic problems as with China. Next. We looked South, 18.6 miles South to be exact, from San Diego to Tijuana. This opened a floodgate of opportunities for us. At that moment, we didn’t have updated passports and our Spanish skills could get us a cervesa, but […]

The Light Up Hat Concept Genesis

The Creative Process Creativity is a process that is equal parts skill, science, and luck.   We started by studying an acrylic exit sign — like the one below.   Acrylic exit signs glow because of total infinite internal reflection. We could geek out here, but in short, the photos only exit the acrylic shape […]

The Launch, Lessons, and Pivot

Our first wearable tech idea was the Versa Prima. Versa Prima was a simple, yet adaptable LED strip designed to let the wearer build the lights into an existing outfit. For example, the strip could be fashioned around the waist and covered with fabric to accentuate the inherent design of the original piece. Or simply […]

How Lumafi Started


Lumafi is a San Diego-based wearable technology company. Translation: We make awesome light-up hats! The Story of Phuoc and Matt Once upon a time, two tech geeks were working at Fyfe Company. They become besties while hiking Southern California trails discussing their goals and dreams. Suddenly, they realizing that both loved working with LEDs! So […]