Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I recharge my hat?

Locate the charging port as shown in the picture below. Plug in the provided micro USB cable to the hat and then plug the USB end into a USB charger. The brim of the hat should begin to flash red. The brim will stop flashing once it is fully charged.

Can I use my hat as soon as I receive it?

Federal restrictions don’t allow us to ship the hats fully charged, so we recommend fully charging your hat before your first night on the town.

How long does the battery last?

Typically the hat battery lasts around 12 hours before recharging is needed.

How do I clean my hat bill?

It is recommend to use synthetic fabrics (such as microfiber cloths) to clean the bill. DO NOT use chemicals such as Windex, this may scratch and damage the bill. Spot cleaning with water may be used if necessary.

How do I clean my hat crown?

We recommend cleaning the crown of the hat with a lint brush. Spot treatment by hand with a damp towel is also recommended. DO NOT run hat through the washing machine. This will ruin the hat. DO NOT run hat through the dryer! The dryer is dangerous for the internal battery.

How do I turn the hat on again?

Locate the small embroidered dragonfly logo on the back side of the hat and press it. You should feel a button being pressed. If the hat doesn’t turn on, please see steps below.

My hat is not turning on, what do I do?

First test to make sure the battery is not depleted. Plug in the micro USB cable to the hat and charger and check if the bill flashes red. If yes, then please allow the hat time to recharge until the red light stop blinking. If the bill doesn’t start flashing red, check cable connections, try a different micro USB cord, and try a different USB charger.

If all that still didn’t work, please contact us.

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