Tijuana & User Design Centric

Tijuana Adventuring

China? No. Lesson already learned.

Vietnam? Same basic problems as with China. Next.

We looked South, 18.6 miles South to be exact, from San Diego to Tijuana. This opened a floodgate of opportunities for us.

At that moment, we didn’t have updated passports and our Spanish skills could get us a cervesa, but not much more.

We needed a manufacturing assembler. A few trips to Mexico, a few beers along the way, and some unexpected adventures led us to a wonderful shop where our hats would be made exactly to our specs.

Seeing The Don

Around the same time as our Mexican adventures (June 2016), we saw ‘The Don’, Don Norman, speak at a Design Forward Summit.

While at the conference it struck us that we needed to emphasize a user centric design focus in our work to make our company a success.

The Big 4 accounting firms were gobbling up design companies.  But why?

Because we are in the age of the Apple iPhone – “design” really means “user experience.” As noted by Daniel Pink in A Whole New Mind: Why Right-brainers Will Rule the Future’, we are in a “Creative Economy” and “Conceptual Age,” — no one can afford to ignore the artist within.

After the summit, we bought and consumed as much knowledge on design thinking principles as possible. Don’s book, “The Design of Everyday Things’ became our go-to source for inspiration. Don was frustration with faulty designs and he describes six simple principles to apply in all aspects of design — from software, hardware, to nuclear power plants:

  1. Visibility
  2. Feedback
  3. Affordance
  4. Mapping
  5. Constraints
  6. Consistency

Our next six blog entries we will discuss these six principles and how we applied them to the hat. We were fortunate to have a sit down meeting with the don himself to discuss the LED Light Up Hat.

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