“Match your style with this light up hat.” – Michelle, Designer

“Get LIT with this light up hat.” – Matt, Founder

“Make this light up hat your canvas.” – Rommel, Marketer

Coolest fucking hat ever. Period.

Erin C.

So dope – just got mine in mail and works great can’t wait to color it up. Comes with a USB charging chord.

Hillary L.

This hat is dope!

Rome C.

The Future Wear Company

Keep your style LIT all night long. We don’t care what you do in our flagship LED light up hat, as long as you stay lit, stay safe, and have fun.

Send us your photos of YOU enjoying the night in our LED Light Up Hat. We can’t guarantee that we’ll post all of the photos, but you can be sure we’ll pass them around the office!

Matt and Phuoc designed the LED Light Up Hat in San Diego (No Bad Days!), California. Then we drove 20 miles south to have the hat manufactured in Mexico. (Insert awkward political comment here.)

We toiled away night and day, day and night, to ensure that YOU (the hat wearer) loved the hat. We focused on comfort, quality, and style.

Our final mission: Light up your nightlife. Amaze those around you.

Special thanks to Don Norman. He rocks.