A New and Better Way to Measure Company Culture

LumaFi Teams helps you understand your culture and enables your leaders and hiring managers to have better conversations about culture

What is lumafi teams

more than just a culture survey

LumaFi Teams is a tool that helps you build and assess culture using a common language across teams and candidates

Science-backed Framework

Drawing on validated organizational research spanning decades, LumaFi Teams encourages honest feedback using mental trade-offs.

Effortless to Implement

Simple, fast and fun drag-and-drop exercise requiring only 15 min per employee and candidate to complete.

meaningful Culture insights

See your culture in a way you haven’t seen it presented before. Validate what you are doing right and identify areas to improve.

for teams

Build and Assess culture the right way

Quickly understand which traits and behaviours are most present at your company and observe differences in sub-cultures across teams.

for Hiring

Improve Hiring Decisions

Add a culture assessment to your hiring process to identify candidates who not only can do the job but will thrive in your environment

for Companies

Detect shifts in culture over time

A company’s culture rarely remains static for long, especially in a rapidly growing environment. Promote a healthy company culture as things evolve over time by detecting shifts in company culture every 6 months.

How it works


Invite your team

Invite your team to describe what it’s like working at your company, ranking culture traits from Most to Least Descriptive (15-min exercise)


Review Culture Profile

Receive a Company Culture Profile Report which helps you understand how employees rank specific culture qualities and gain insights on sub-cultures by team, by role and tenure


Invite Candidates

Invite qualified candidates in your hiring pipeline to rank what culture qualities are Most Important to them and view their Candidate Culture Report 

what TEams are saying

Andrew Seeley

VP, Client Services


Over a year ago our Sales and Delivery teams were very siloed. Since then, we focused on developing a collaborative culture at our company. Recently, when we ran the culture assessment “Collaboration with others” ranked as one of our company’s Top 5 most descriptive traits. It is incredibly rewarding to witness this positive shift.

Ready To Build Your Culture Profile?